Submission of Proposed Legislation

Submission of Proposed Legislation at the National Conclave

The Centennial Conclave of Phi Mu Delta Fraternity will take place on June 27 – July 1, in Burlington, Vermont. During each National Conclave, the Body votes on proposed legislation and changes to the National Constitution and By-Laws.

Any collegiate chapter/colony, chartered alumni association/house corps., member of the National Council, or Past National President may propose amendments to the National Constitution and By-Laws, provided that the amendment(s) is received by the National Office by April 1, 2018.

Please format proposals with the article and section in question, current language, and proposed change. This will expedite the process and allow for easier organization to ensure all suggestions are reviewed properly.

For example:

Article I, Section 1: The name of the corporation is Phi Mu Delta Fraternity.

Proposed Change: The name of the corporation is Phi Mu Delta National Fraternity.

Reason for Change: We believe that the Fraternity should recognize and celebrate our national presence.

If you are qualified to propose legislation and wish to have that legislation considered at the 2017 Conclave, please send your written, electronic proposal to:

Thomas A. Murphy

Executive Director


Proposed legislation must be received by Executive Director, Thomas Murphy, no later than April 1, 2018.

Once received, these pieces of legislation will be given to the proper Conclave Committee for review and voted on for support before submission to the National Conclave.

For more information, please contact:


Thomas A. Murphy

Executive Director



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